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CMR Racing weekend roundup...


Chad Orr

CMR Racing weekend roundup...

CMR Racing and driver Chad Orr went to Circus City Speedway on Saturday night. Chad drew a #4 pill which put him on the pole of the 2nd heat race for the night. Chad went out and ran hot laps and immediately came in after the session and begin making changes. " I knew from the sun and the breeze that the track was going to slick up and I decided to take out some stagger and move the right rear in some to tighten the car up. The track crew put more water on the track after practice but I knew that after the first heat race it probably would not have much moisture in it. We took off at the start of our heat race and never looked back. The car was perfect and I just made sure to hit my marks and not make any mistakes. It felt great to get our first win in the new car. I know it may just be a heat race, but to us after all the hurdles we have had to jump through this year it felt like we just won the Indy 500!" Chad joked after getting out of the car after his heat race.

The team decided to keep the same set up on the car for the main event as the track was staying in the same condition most of the night. "We started 5th and the car felt great through 1 and 2. I went into turn 3 trying to pivot the car to miss a rut that was in the middle of the grove and just looped it. That is the worst feeling in the world seeing the whole field come right at you. We took a hit to the right front and it knocked the tow out on the car and also done something to the steering. The car just did not feel right for the rest of the race so I pulled it off before anything broke and hurt the car any worse. We will get it fixed and be back next week for the Clash!" Chad Orr spoke after climbing out of the 14c.

The team will head back to Circus City Speedway this coming Saturday the 7th and due battle in the Circus City Clash! The team would like to thank the crew at the track once again for everything they have done to make it a great place to race and the continued improvements they are making every week to the facility. The upgrades to CCS are awesome and the crew does a great job on running a clean and crisp program every Saturday night.

The team would like to thank Sport Clips, Valvoline, Potbelly Sandwich Shops, JAZ Racing Products, Rod End Supply, Ultra-Shield Racing Products, Momentum Racing Suspensions, LaPalma Mexican Restaurant, Mel's Keg, XS Power, Krave Jerky, Skips Performance Corner, #TeamMRP, Gillespie's Trucking and Garage, Skips Performance Corner, BP Fab, and Baker Motorsports for their support this year. See everyone next weekend!

Article Credit: Amy Orr

Submitted By: Chad Orr

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