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Sports Clips of Kokomo Joins the CMR Family


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Sports Clips of Kokomo Joins the CMR Family

Today it was announced that Sports Clips of Kokomo Indiana and CMR Racing LLC. have entered into a marketing partnership for the 2016 season. Shaun Norton, the owner of Sports Clips of Kokomo along with Real Property Management Edge of Chicago and Indianapolis was happy to announce the new partnership along with CMR’s driver Chad Orr. This partnership has been in the works for some time as both parties were making sure to have the entire plan into place before announcing the partnership today at CMR Racing headquarters. The partnership will allow Chad and the team to make over 15 appearances at the Kokomo location throughout the 2016 racing season.
“I have known Chad for over 20 years. I followed his racing program over the last year and I believe this partnership is right in line with the growth and success we want to have with Sports Clips and CMR Racing.
The demographic that Chad will race in is just perfect for our Kokomo location. CMR started their program up last season thanks to a great car owner in Bob Baker and with help of Bob Gillespie, Bryan Miller, and John Wilkerson. They helped get this team off the ground and we look forward to having a great partnership and successful season this year. We have various marketing programs that we will be releasing throughout the year to really shine a light on both our store in Kokomo and Chad’s on the track success! We are happy to welcome Chad and the entire CMR Racing team into the Sports Clips family.” stated Sports Clips owner Shaun Norton during the press conference.
“I really sat down and did my homework to make sure this partnership would be a successful partnership.
Shaun and I have been friends for over 20 years and that means a lot to me. We both talked numerous times to insure all the details going into this program would make it a success. We are really looking forward to having Sports Clips on board this year and beyond. With our team racing in Peru or Logansport every weekend from April to October it was just a perfect match. We are going to really enjoy meeting some new fans when we have the car displayed and signing autographs on Saturdays before we head to the track. We also hope to see some of our current fans as well. It will be great for everyone in Kokomo to stop by and get an autograph, CMR merchandise, and a great haircut!” CMR driver Chad Orr said during the press conference.
Stop by and see the CMR Racing Mini Sprint at the Sports Clip in Kokomo on the following days:
Sports Clips of Kokomo:

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