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CMR Racing opens regular season with a 6th place finish...

CMR Racing opens regular season with a 6th place finish...

CMR Racing opens regular season with a 6th place finish...

For Immediate Release

Upland, IN


CMR Racing started their regular season last night at Circus City Speedway in Peru Indiana. The team and their driver Chad Orr were happy to get the season underway. "They have been doing a lot of updates to the facility here and to the track. I like how they have put the banking back into it from the bottom to match up to the top. It used to flatten out down in the low line and made it tough to power through the corner. I am excited to see how the car reacts to the new surface." Chad Orr stated before the drivers meeting.

The team would go out for hot-laps and the car felt could but began backfiring and cutting out. The team found the air-box on top of the carburetors had come loose and was sliding back into the wiring harness and causing the engine to short out. "We could not see the problem while the car was sitting in the pit box because it would slide back into place when I hit the brakes to stop when I came back in from practice. When we went out to run our heat race I thought we had everything buttoned up but selected to start from the back instead of the pole position that we got in the draw. Once we got going the car acted up again and after the race we came in and saw the issue with the air-box. Thankfully I was able to have Ron Dennis and Rob Durr help me out by pointing out we had a tiny spacer in our clamps that was giving us the headache. We got it corrected and had no issues from then on." Chad spoke as the repairs were completed.

The team would start the nights main event in 14th spot. When the 20 laps were completed the team would wind up 6th for the night. "I am very pleased with the car and how it handled in the main there. The track was tacky but had a few ruts and was wash-boarding come into the straightaways. However, it made for a fun race and the car just powered through it. We had some traffic that was killing our momentum and I did not want to press the issue on the first night out. I could have done it but I am not going to tear up our equipment or someone else's to get the spot. That is just not my style and everyone who competes against us treats us the same way. I really enjoy racing with these guys and look forward to next week and see if we can improve upon our results." Chad spoke while loading up the teams equipment.

The team will be back at Circus City Speedway in Peru this coming Saturday April 28th with racing to begin at 6 pm right after the drivers meeting. The team would like to invite everyone to come out and watch some great racing and look forward to seeing you there.

The team would also like to thank their continued support of their other partners:

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