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CMR Racing LLC. announces new associate marketing partnerships!

CMR Racing LLC. announces new associate marketing partnerships!

CMR Racing LLC. announces new associate marketing partnerships!
For Immediate Release
(March 6, 2018 Upland, IN)

Today CMR Racing LLC. is happy to introduce 7 new associate partners for the 2018 racing season. CMR Racing is now proud partners of Lucas Oil, Wicked Audio, Engine Ice, Slick Products, MindFX Science, and Fuel Clothing. “It’s a great day when you can add great companies to your program. We have been working hard and diligently on expanding our portfolio of marketing partners and getting to our goal of running the Freedom 100 in May. These companies represent what our team was based on, hard work and dedication, to their foundation and product lines. We could not be happier to have all of these great companies come on board.” Chad Orr stated during his press release interview.

Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is biodegradable, phosphate free, non-toxic, and typically reduces operating race temperatures, effectively keeping boil-over temperatures to 256°F or less and freeze-up protection to -26° F. “Right out of the bottle” Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is ready to provide dependable horsepower and is proven to reduce operating temperatures.

Fuel Clothing The essence of Fuel is to make apparel for those whose passion burns deep inside and can only be satisfied by living life to the fullest. The Fuel family understands that the needs and designs best come from ones who live it and breathe it every day.

MindFX Science MindFX Science was created as a healthy alternative to the highly caffeinated energy drinks, pre-workouts and even some adhd drugs. We achieve this result naturally via the use of apoptogenic herbs, strategic use of vitamins, minerals and natural flavoring.

Slick Products We are an innovative family-owned and -operated motorsports cleaning brand. Founded in 2008 in the red clay of Hawaii, our specially formulated cleaning products are tough on heavy dirt, mud, grease, and grime, but gentle on delicate vehicle surfaces. Created for riders by riders, our products are the choice cleaners for elite athletes like Ricky Carmichael and the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki Team.

Wicked Audio Let’s be real here. what we all want in our headphones is conformity-defying style and the type of unapologetic confidence that would even make even your girlfriend’s dad like you. Well the truth is you can only get that with Wicked Audio. But only if you want unmatched sound quality wrapped up in all that gritty sophistication. Look, don’t be satisfied with so-so. Expect more from your headphones. Wicked Audio: Style + Everything else.

Lucas Oil Lucas has long been directly involved in the American racing industry through multiple vehicle sponsorship's and racing event promotions, at all levels. Seeing a need for better lubricants in this industry, the Lucas people went to work again. The end result being a line of high performance engine oils and gear oils that are second-to-none in the racing industry.

CMR Racing would like to thank their 2018 marketing partners:
Sport Clips Jackson Oil & Solvents
Rod End Supply Ultrashield Racing Products
Momentum Racing Suspensions JAZ Racing Products
Baker Motorsports Gillespie’s Garage
XS Power Batteries Lucas Oil
Wicked Audio Slick Products
MindFX Science Fuel Clothing
Engine Ice
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